The State of Offline In Web Applications (2017)

Application Cache Yes, we all know it. AppCache is a douche bag! But sadly if you want your offline application to load under Safari, IE11, or »

Ubuntu Mate as a Platform for Interactive Art Exhibition

I have recently been playing artist with my developer skills and have been learning quite a bit in the process. One take away which I discussed »

When a Developer Tries Art

I have always been interested in the intersection of art and computer science. Over the last couple years I began taking this passion a step further »

Mongo Gone Zalgo

Abandon all Hope Ye Who Enter Here Do not extend JavaScript built in prototypes! I repeat do not extend JavaScript built in prototypes! Ok, wanted to »

Call And Response, Bringing Sound To Life

Our First Exhibition Call and Response is an interactive art project created in collaboration by Ainsley Wagoner, Andrew Allred, and myself. We recently displayed version 1. »