Cli-Worm Have you even been tabbing through Tmux panes and suddenly thought: I want to read Fire and Fury but how am I going to do »

Defcon 26 -- A Software Engineer's Perspective

This year marks my fourth Defcon, and I thought it was time to reflect on what keeps me coming back year after year, and why I »

Jekyll+CSS Media+PhantomJS+Netlify == Resume w/ Build Process

As a developer I feel like it's important to have an online resume, but I also want to keep an up to date dead tree resume. »

The State of Offline In Web Applications (2017)

Application Cache Yes, we all know it. AppCache is a douche bag! But sadly if you want your offline application to load under Safari, IE11, or »

Ubuntu Mate as a Platform for Interactive Art Exhibition

I have recently been playing artist with my developer skills and have been learning quite a bit in the process. One take away which I discussed »